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    Well as for reporting goes at the start, it’s probably more helpful to point out inconsistencies, your first impression of the story and suggest stuff on how to improve it. On the last beta, sometimes whole chapters gets rewritten that all the grammatical errors you pointed out just plain disappears. It does help to point the stuff near the final draft though to make it easier for the poor editor they got chained in their dungeon.


    How would you like us to report miss spelled words and other grammatical issues? Would you like a single post per person that they update or is it something we don’t have to worry about?

    [list][*]Page 200 line 30 “Wrold”[/list]


    We tried a couple different schemes, I need to go back and look at what we decided worked best last time.

    Some things are different this time that should make it a bit easier.

    Last time there were chapters and breaks with ~ I had to go through and number all the ~, but that got confusing once I started inserting stuff.

    This time most sections include a location and time. The exception being if location/POV doesn’t change between sections, in which case the ~ is back.


    So what I think we did was create a topic for each Chapter/Section and people posted to that topic. When it was corrected, I either “liked” it or commented on it if further discussion was needed.

    Part of what I will be putting together on Friday is the “instructions/suggestions” for reportings and general priorities for what to look for.

    And in posting this thing, I see an error right away: I am inconsistent in order location and time in Chapter 132, time should always be last.

    See beta works before the first beta is posted!



    Thanks for the reply! I will wait for Friday for the final instructions =d>


    Yes, that’s what I plan to write up this afternoon.

    Editing/corrections are great and imporant, but on the first draft some of that may get rewritten anyway.

    It’s the inconsistencies, unclear plotpoints, illogic and need for more or less detail that need to be hit in the first pass.


    What you want direct links in posts?

    Tizzy would kill me if I made it that simple!

    And my luck, he’d do it in the Abyss so I’d be stuck there listening to him kvetch for the next 50,000 plus years.


    No problem! o:)






    Same here, where can we download the alpha version?


    I can’t seem to find the alpha copy.


    Recreated the PDF using Soda PDF (vs MS Word 2016) now 2.2 Mb, much more reasonable.

    It actually looked fine on my pc. Not sure what was up with 77 Mb. That does sound like printed pages.

    Next version of all formats will be better, was very short on time tonight.

    Monday’s will have Epub. Mobi and smaller PDF.


    Very odd.

    The epub is a zip btw, unzip and read.

    Not sure why pdf is so huge, did it fast and direct from Word.

    Let me see what I can do.

    I had problems with some formats in calibre not catching the sub chapter headings.


    Eeeeh where is it on the forums again?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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