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    Mmmh, well, now that you mention it, Denubians do like to wheel and deal, and they love to sue.8-[

    Is it possible that The Donald(TM) himself might be a Denubian Demon(TM). [confused] Forget Mr. Fluffy, this could be really bad! (for you)

    That would explain a lot. If that is the case, it may mean the Denubians are planning to acquire your planet! [scared]

    In which case the people of your world will long for the days when they only thought he was a Putin Puppet!

    Hmm, I may need to raise my prices, I am thinking I’m going to have a lot of people wanting product on your planet–trust me the Abyss is going to look like Tierhallon once the Denubians are done with it!


    …Sounds ‘Too’ convenient…. there might be more things afoot than that, or maybe something similar but different.

    I’ll look into this.


    I’ve gone back to re-read the first 2 books before the next release, and just got to the part about Trump tower and the namesake Archdemon.
    I remember it not really meaning much of value to me when I originally read it back in the day, but now it is humorous in the prescience of the comment.

    I guess Trump has been having some success in his power games of various planes.


    I cannot tell you how many people in the Courts are so relieved that he’s got a new full time job that will keep him out of the Courts.

    You think his twitter stream is bad?

    In the Abyss he has an impstream. He’s got this army of mimic-imps, each one is pretty dim-witted imp, but they can remember about 40 words or so and can parrot them back in an impression of him and really high volume. He gives each of these imps a single message and sends them flying around the courts shouting out their memorized words.

    Everyone is going to be so glad to not be woken up at 3 am with a screaming imp outside their window!


    Just tell me this, where in the Abyss did he get that ridiculous hairpiece? is it a plant? animal? mineral? Other? seriously, i gotta know.


    Ridiculous hairpiece? [unsure]

    Not sure what you mean. archdemon Trump is bald.

    His familiar, Mr. Fluffy, usually rides on top of his head. You don’t mean him do you?


    He’s wearing his familiar then.



    Yes? Why? Have you not seen Mr. Fluffy on his own?

    He loves going to the material planes, fresh air makes him dance!

    Mr. Fluffy is actually far more pleasant than the archdemon himself. Which is not surprising.

    I’ve actually had conversations with him, even while he’s sitting on Trump’s head. Trump tunes me out completely unless I am talking about him, so it’s remarkably easy to have a conversation with Mr. Fluffy.


    Having access to this alternate information is very helpful, thanks Tizzy.


    Sure thing.


    Are you sure that Mr. Fluffy isn’t a construct created by the Denubians and is actually Mr. Fluffy [size=2](TM)[/size] with the ability to mimic the Archdemon’s voice…..may explain some of the weird comments and sayings that are attributed to the Archemon


    On the other topic…I just noticed that whatever you did yesterday, your avatar is now completely blank, not even a placeholder.

    I will check out what your setting are.

    Actually, thinking on this….I know I’m crossing topics. If you had a place you could put your image and then enter it’s URL into your profile, that would work. The problem is with locally hosted avatars.

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