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    We go from Chapter 140 The Inferno: Early Fifth Period to Chapter 143 The Inferno: Fourth Period.

    During this time it has taken the legal team 3-4 days to review the contract. However, in Chapter 140 there was nothing to indicate that it would take that long to over a couple hundred pages. By the time Chapter 143 came around I was wondering if you had forgotten about the Inferno and crew.

    Either we need something to inform the reader that things aren’t going to move forward on them for a while like Alighieri informing them that it would take several days to review the contract or by having a short scene in-between. Given the size constraints of the book I’d lean towards the former.


    Uhm, not sure on what you guys have.

    They finally board the Inferno…do you have that? Samwell is being very surly as Melisance waves her derriere as she comes down the ladder into the ship.


    Yep, that’s the Chapter 143 scene.

    I was just pointing out that with everything happening in-between the two scenes I had been wondering for some time if the Inferno had been forgotten. That made my realize it had been too long since we last saw them.


    It took them about 3.5 days to hammer out the contract, so it was a long time, but realize you have Denubians and Oorstemothians negotiating a contract, that’s going to take some time, they have a lot in common in that respect.

    The behind the scenes reason is that I don’t really have space left to move on with their story so it has to wait for next book.


    Plus the day never ends. *bum dun chaaaa*

    I mean three days in the abyss is like what eternity in astlan. They should negotiate until the fierd sets in the abyss. 😉


    By the way, the word “fierd” was among one of the things that first hooked me on these books, especially as it was used as a synonym for sun without any warning. It was an implicit promise that I wouldn’t be treated like a moron.


    It’s driven a number of people nuts, and still causes me some confusion in terms of capitalization

    So much revolves (pun) around the word sun, the Sun.

    One thing that highlights this comes with the battle in Nysegard. Lots of talk about atunset and atunrise, But if you say “they will attack soon after Atun sets” you capitalize it because its a name. Lots of things we just don’t think about with the Sun.

    Also “she had a fierdy smile” really disturbed my editor for some reason.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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