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    Just to let you know, the file marked EPUB is actually the 68MB PDF.


    I had been going to do it last night, but was on a writing binge and would like to cram some more new content in for Alpha 2.

    Let me see how far I get tonight and what I think I can get done tomorrow/etc.


    Is there an indiciation what was changed/added?
    Will read the whole Thing again, but my response will be slower.



    I have released Alpha-1.

    It is not that much longer, about 8,000+ words more; but there has been reworked stuff and some editing to reflect comments.

    In particular the Etterdam (Ragala-nargoloth) stuff has been expanded; I’d expand more, but am afraid of space limits. But you will at least see what is coming for her and her small but devastating army.

    Did some reworking of Talarius/Ruiden, issues with Nysegard re-summoning, more stuff now happening in Freehold.

    More details on the Dark Apostle to foreshadow what is coming (in this book) and how they killed Orcus.

    Some rework on Tom’s thought process. Definite work on Torean and Tiernon and what they knew/did when wrt Sentir Fallon.

    Would hope to do new release next weekend (probably Sunday).

    I am getting closer to the point where I can do the last 20%, wanted to backtrack on stuff that people had mentioned.

    I know I have not hit every issue covered. Be sure to bring up your issues that are outstanding.



    See it, adjusting.


    If you are up for that, it would be great.

    I am working on the last part right now. Got some ideas from Alpha-1 wrt the training on how to deal with timing for the Unlife as well as a better way to bring Tal Gor and the Nimbus together.

    Those points were my “sticking issues” on the last umpteen percent.


    What’s the current ETA for Alpha 2 / Beta 1?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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