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    The point you talk about (tizzy opening the portal for Edwyrd), Tom has to do the mental digging from tizzys link to Gastrope, Tom knew about the demon binding on tizzy. But in chapter 134 Tom talks about summoning tizzy and the accursed master thing comes up. Now I’d think this was a mistake, but Tom has a lot on his plate and I can reliable believe he simply forgot. I’d asume this is true but not 100% sure.


    In this case the use of Edwyrd implies he is in his human form.

    He’s going to see Vaselle and the shamans in Astlan so he is in his Edwyrd form; he changed to that form before coming to Antefalken’s suite because he had to get dressed before hand.

    There is also a minor change here in Alpha-2. He borrows the balling with him from Antefalken to show all the shamans and Gastrope’ the battle.

    He ends up being there for several hours having dinner, showing them the battle, getting the shamans back. It starts at Early 4th Period Doom time, Early 5th Period in Murgatroy; we next see him in chapter 121 at the end of the Council meeting Late 5th Period (Doom time) So I figure he spent about 6 earth hours in Murgatroy.


    When you write Edwyrd you are using it when he is in his human form. However in this chapter you use Edwyrd several times and give no indication that he in his human form. Given the scenes it is implied that he is demonic and thus all of those Edwyrd references should be changed to Tommus.


    Why would he meet his shamans in human form?


    He was trying to return Damien and Vaselle home, presumably to Freehold, and also might need to go into Murgatory.

    Remember at the end of Book 2 when Tizzy opened the gateway he was also Edwyrd.

    Big point is that a giant demon walking around is a lot more conspicuous than an orc or human.

    If he had an orc form, he would most likely have gone as an orc, at least the second time. Also, by the second time he was aware of the hullabaloo they caused the last time.

    I can put something in there explaining that he’d chosen to go as human so as not to attract too much attention.


    Nope, you are correct, I bombed that one.

    Tom knew Gastrope’ had a link to Tizzy because they were summoned by Gastrope’ from Hellsprings Eternal.

    Going to rework that. He should know, but take the opportunity to wonder WUWD (Waz Up Wid Dat)


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