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    What’s the deal? Maelen claimed that it was “not that hard” for a powerful magic user to slow or even reverse the aging process when he was trying to justify “Edwyrd” being Rupert’s father; he revealed that he himself was 90. Jen made it seem like the practice might be rare, yet the knowledge that it was possible was common (at least among wizards). Yet, aside from Trevin D’Vils, no one on the Council appears to be doing so. Alexandros Mien is supposed to be one the greatest wizards in the last several generations, yet he floats around as a withered old man, and everyone seems super impressed that he made it to 120. Even though Trevin has been active long enough for Hilda to remember her from 200 years ago, or whenever it was she died. And even if she wasn’t on the Council, it would have heard of it if Trevin had been making enough noise to be heard of in Rivenrock, a supposed backwater. Also, why didn’t Exador claim to have this ability? Even if he “dies” every couple centuries to remove suspicion, it seems like it would be easier than creating a new identity every few decades.

    P.S. By my math, Lenamare would be 37 in PV 440, yet he is consistently referred to as “old”. Why?


    Well, aging is complex in a world where lifespans vary by huge amounts.

    Also information on controversial subjects is not widely shared. I think one thing that is confusing to many readers is that different people say things that contradict each other all the time, this is because they have different world views; in most books there probably aren’t so many widely different perspectives intertwining so closely.

    I think the people that call Lenamare “old” are his students. This is the traditional “anyone over 30 is old” plus, Lenamare is so bitterly unpleasant and perpetually grumpy, he seems older than he really is. Part of his “old” is is authoritarian nature. He just “seems old” He was also a child prodigy, and has been around and annoying for a couple decades. However, his life of perpetual anger and stress has made him look older than his physical age. He looks like someone in his late 40’s.

    And Maelen is not precisely correct about wizards knowing all of this. Highly educated animages, such as the higher ups in the Society know this and sort of assume most high level wizards would as well. The Anilords tended to live very long lives. Most animages know it’s possible but don’t necessarily have the skills to do it.

    For wizards, the rejuvenation, resurrection and similar spells are generally the most powerful of thaumaturgical spells. Maelen being a healer and seer, is thus most familiar with thaumaturgy and sorcery.

    The problem is, thaumaturgists are not particularly flashy, they don’t summon demons or throw lighting and balls of fire. They do plant spells, healing and similar heavy animus type spells. And these often require more work at the higher levels for less obvious results. It is sort of looked down upon as being rather pedestrian, thus not a whole lot of wizards spend a lot of time with it.

    Very few live long enough to be a great thaumaturgist and Pyromancer or Conjuror; it just takes too much time, too much specialization. And while a Master Wizard, like pretty much everyone on the council is a ‘master’ of each of the discipline, the heavy duty spells of life extension are quite a bit beyond what is required for a “Master Level’

    Of course, Necromancers also have ways of prolonging life. Or something like life. But trust me, you wanna kill a party? When some asks you what you do, just say “Oh, I’m a necromancer.” People will suddenly find other things to do than be anywhere near you.

    As for Trevin, well, most people know/believe she is several hundred years old; in fact we know her to be over 1000. There is great speculation about her, some suspect that the “old” is an illusion and that Trevin has been multiple people over the centuries. Others speculate that she has become immortal, but without eternal youth, and tries to make herself look younger but the best she can manage is 100+ year old wrinkled flesh in a harem costume. The truth? Well, so far Jenn probably has received the most insight into that.

    As for Exador, he has little use for Thaumaturgy, he qualified as “Master Thaumaturgist” just as a notch on the way to Master Wizard (mainly in competition with Lenamare) but he has little patience for it, nor practical need, being truly immortal. It’s not going to cross his head; nor does he want to raise any more suspicion than necessary, thus he pretends to have a normal lifespan of around 80 years or so, give or take depending on the particular ‘incarnation’

    Also, remember, he is not always a wizard. His last several incarnations were as wizards, but he’s also been the Ach-Vicar General of the Rod; ostensibly a non magical position. He has been an animage as well; probably a few other things, warlord, knight, etc.

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