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    Have there been any underwater battles with water breathing creatures versus D’Orcs? I mean D’Orcs don’t have to breathe like demons so they could fight them. Have there been any like that?


    [quote]“So then, Hilda is a regional saint, like yourself?” Teragdor asked.
    “Yes, although a bit less regional, her region was pretty much wiped out and her legend and Illuminaries have spread out around Eton; she is also older than me and has more Illuminaries.” Stevos told the priest.[/quote]

    How are the D’Orcs going to get their staffing, and their local forces trained up?

    Adopt Orc Illuminaries!


    Yeah, everyone is all excited about the Restoration of Glory, but not sure they’ve considered all the bureaucracy and administrative work that’s going to be needed.

    Fortunately, there are D’Orcs with literally 10’s of thousands of years experience doing this so…

    The thing about orc illuminaries is that’s back in the “god game” thing again. The official shamans could work as illuminaries, but typically it was more situational than constant. I.e. no daily worship services to collect mana because the dooms generated their own mana.


    Not sure how well the swim. Hooves are quite different than flippers.

    I suppose they could use the weight of their giant sized weapons to keep them on the bottom of the sea so they could battle down there.

    However, those same weapons are so big and massive that there would be a lot of resistance to the weapons.

    I do think it’s a good question as to whether their wings are nimble enough that the could be used to propel them through the water. Some birds can do this. But these aren’t arm wings, but back wings.

    On the other end of the not breathing scale, if they had rocket packs, fighting in space would not be too much of a problem. It’s just moving.

    Schwarzenfurze would be fine of course, wouldn’t even need the lighter (which wouldn’t work in a vaccum) simply releasing gas would propel her forward.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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