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    Beta 2:

    [quote] “We are here!” Trevin called out more loudly, apparently having turned to face into the life. “Hethfar will place a ramp with railings between the lift and the deck for us to safely get out; however, I suggest you take his or one of his men’s hands to help you out rather than using the [h]railing.[/h]
    [h]They[/h] are very strong.” Trevin said, suddenly much closer to Jenn.[/quote]

    Should there be quotation marks after “railing.” and before “They”? While from the same person these are two different conversations.


    I actually work to avoid exactly this because I hate this rule.

    The rule is that if the same person is talking, you don’t have an end quote between paragraphs, but you do have a begin quote at the begining of the paragraph. This rule has always bothered me.

    So, while there are two quote marks missing, the one I need to replace is the one before “They are very strong” and I need to leave out the trailing one in the paragraph above.

    They do this so you don’t have to re-identify the speaker with a “said” but it still bugs me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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