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    Maybe put a link (like a post script) near the first usage of fierd to a section on the local solar system. That might help clear things up for people who care and other can just cruise on by.


    Beta 1

    “How do you keep the wood from drying out?”  Tom suddenly asked.  “I’d think this place would literally be ‘Hell’ on it.

    Tom has always been careful to keep his ignorance secret. Now, [b]later[/b] in the book Tom thinks about how he is flubbing this all-knowing, experience demon shtick, but this early it was inconsistent with Book 1 and how he and others would react when such statements are made.

    Perhaps an insert of Tm realizing his mistake and a side glance from Anteflaken à la Book 1?

    “Ok, I’ve seen it.”  The knight gestured around.  “It’s a lovely place.  Can I go now?” “Hah hah.” Antefalken said.  “You aren’t getting off that easy.  It’s a big plane with lots of places to go and you haven’t seen anything yet.  Wait until you see the salt mines!”

    That Hah hah from Antefalken. Is that laughter or a sarcastic saying of Hah hah? Wasn’t clear.



    I did think of that…I hope people will take it figuratively rather than literally.

    However after the pain of having your limbs chopped off twenty minutes earlier, this will probably be a pin prick in compareison.


    That is better.

    Yes. I know. Also the wine and other stuff. Things actually make more sense now than on book 1.

    Well, I had thought that it would come in some off hand comment from Antefalken, like when he was tuning it or cleaning it; not as actual question from Tom.


    I’m familiar with the phrase “bite your tongue” so I took it figuratively.


    Beta 2:

    What is a fierd? Much later in the book I realized that this appears to be what they call the sun.

    However why is it refered to as the fierd when other terms/items names seem to be changed to fit Tom’s language.


    yes, this is not how Tom usually handles this things. He has seen more stranger things than Antefalken’s heat resistant harp and he never shows his ignorance.


    Yes, I suppose a good point. I need to go back and see exactly how Tom was juxtaposing new vs having a kid to Antefalken. Antefalken knows at some level that Tom is claiming to be new (this is from Book 1, which has been erased from my brain at this point)

    Boggy told Antefalken that Tom is new, this was belied by Rupert’s existence. Don’t remember how he fudged it.

    However, you do realize this is motivated particularly by you Rosver? You remember our conversations on wood drying up?


    Skip looking back. I think this is a good detail opportunity.

    “How do you keep the wood from drying out?” Tom suddenly asked. “I’d think this place would literally be ‘Hell’ on it.” Tom bit his tongue immediately after saying this. What exactly was it he had told Antefalken? Was he showing ignorance? Crap, these lies just kept piling up and now, he was so exhausted he couldn’t keep up with them.
    The bard smiled mischievously. “It’s Denubian Wyrmwood. It’s quite at home in these environments. Takes a bit of Denubian worm slime now and then, but that’s it.” The demon said, either not noticing or purposefully ignoring the slip.


    I like the change, also fangs……tongue biting……ouch.


    That could work nicely too as part of conversation in the cave…


    This is actually a common enough question that I am starting to doubt myself.

    However, it’s because it’s the name of something. The Fierd (like fiery) the same thing is true of the “sun”

    And it also has to do with how you capitalize these words.

    –OK sorry to interrupt my story, but this is weird.

    I was typing the above words and my computer locked up (usb sound card causes issues every great once and a while and locks up all USB and then everything gets mad and I reboot)

    Anyway, rebooted, started chrome it asked to restore from crash. Did, and it restored with my unposted, typed text in the box.

    That is freaky, I’m a programmer, among other things…that is really weird…

    Anyway, for sun and moon, they are names and thus should always be capitalized, but the rules of style over time have declared that you don’t have to capitalize them and should not capitalize them unless you are also referring to other celestial bodies. I.e. The Sun, The Moon, Mercury and Venus.

    So anyway, the same applies here. Fierd is the name of the local star. Just as here Sun is the name of the local star.

    What these capitalization rules reflect is that we have taken a specific name and turned it into a generic object name.

    Yada yada, it’s a name, typically a primary god. That’s why I do it. Search the forum on fierd and you’ll see me go on about it some more.

    The comparison to tree is not good because tree is a generic object name not a specific name of a particular object of another class (in this case star)

    The better argument of where I’ve botched this is why do they call their planet Astlan but the element is still earth?

    And that at times HAS bothered me, I sort of waived at it one of Tizzy’s or Boggy’s rants in book 1 when one of them asked why did all these worlds call themselves “Earth” and not “Dirt” or similar.


    Beta 2

    [quote]Antefalken shook his head in mild surprise and looked at the knight. “[color=green]It doesn’t; there is no fierd here, so it never sets in the Abyss,[/color] I would have thought you knew that.”[/quote]
    I remember you said that people uses the tem Fierd because that is the name of Astlan’s sun. Then why use the term fierd here?

    [quote]“Like an [color=green]expeditionary field trip[/color]!” Rupert exclaimed.[/quote]
    This term just sounds inappropriately modern.

    [quote]“Hah hah.” Antefalken said. “You aren’t getting off that easy. It [color=red]iss[/color] a big plane with lots of places to go and you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until you see the salt mines!”[/quote]

    [quote]Tizzy laughed hilariously, the knight turned to glare at him. “Jokes on you, lad. [color=red]Humans don’t age or die here[/color], not if they are kept at a reasonable temperature and in a less toxic region where their flesh won’t dissolve; or unless they get evaporated by a really big demon or similar, but that’s a risk we all take. That’s how we can torture them for so long. They regenerate, just like demons!”

    The knight blanched within his helmet.

    “Actually Sir Talarius.” Antefalken told the knight. “Given that you are here…and you have to obey the same rules as us; [color=red]to all intents and purposes, you are a demon now[/color].”[/quote]
    Factual inconsistency. You have given us the reason why demons could die. They could die if they loose the will to live. But then, if humans are essentially demons in The Abyss, they should have died if tortured since they will have no will to live.

    But then, it was Tizzy who spoke about this so this might just be a joke of sorts.


    Antefalken spends most of his time in Astlan. He’s using it as a common reference; I would guess that if someone that spent most of their time in Etterdam was speaking they might use the name of that star. There really isn’t a common word for it; I would think it would be a problem in interdimensional travel.

    Not sure how Universal treats it. Actually that’s a good point.

    It seems that to be logically correct with Universal; if the story is from Tom’s POV, he should hear “sun”
    If it is coming from Antefalken’s point of view it should be whatever his star was called.
    Rupert would hear “fierd”

    I think this might get too confusing. Hmm. Need to think on this.

    On the field trip. I think maybe expeditionary can be cut. He’s a school kid and his teachers, the thaumaturgists in particular, would take kids on a literal field trip as “A trip out to the fields” to study small animals, insects, flowers, grasses, etc. Also think of the usage:

    “The students left their classroom and took their studies afield.”

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