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    He’d let himself be [color=red]drug[/color] (better to use “dragged”) into this undertaking at the last minute and then had been so overwhelmed by the complexity and ingenuity of the spell that he’d just gone [color=red]a long[/color] ( should be “along” ) with it.

    That was sufficiently unpleasant ( insert “enough” ) that he didn’t expect to get much opposition from Gandros.


    Had a problem with the use of the word “emblematic” in the sentence “This seemed to be emblematic of many of Lenamare’s actions” – I’ve never seen the word before (although I did deduce the meaning from the context of the sentence), but still had to stop reading to look up the definition on Google to confirm my deduction.

    It’s very rare that I run into a word that makes me stop reading and look up the definition – not sure if other readers will have the same problem that I did.


    Interesting observation.

    Thinking about it now, it is far more arcane today than I was thinking it was. Trying to scour my brain for other people using it in modern conversations/tv…not coming up with it.

    It may in fact be one of those phrases that I use more than most people. It’s one that I would have picked up a long time ago and probably from reading a lot of classic (50’s and 60’s) science fiction and such.

    It might be out there for Damien as you mention it, will think on this. It is, however, clearly the sort of word that the Oorstemothians would use and probably the rod. A wizard, particularly a younger one like Damien probably not.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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