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    “Hmm, for authenticity, I had not planned to, but my [b]principle[/b] target there knows who I am.”



    Not going to create new topics for every “principle”, just for the principal.

    108.1 “Dresdech, their local host, Seamach’s principle contact rose to answer the door.”

    108.4 “Yes, our principle field agent for Astlan is quite industrious and is very good at gathering information discreetly.”

    110.4 “Her principle objective of anchoring had now been achieved.”

    Clerics: Priests, Monks, Nuns and Holy Warriors: “Priests are the principle agents of the deities on Astlan.”

    “Heretical individuals might even go so far as to suggest that the principle difference between demons and angels is that angels are in the service of the gods and demons are not.”

    “We also provide the principle deities of the hybrid races along with a great number of Sidhe, simply known as the Gods of the Grove.”

    “Very brief mention of an Alvaran pantheon the El’adasir is also listed simply because their principle deity is mentioned by the Alvar; however very little is known about the religion outside Alvaran realms.”

    A whole bunch more in the addenda.


    See cross posts..

    I went and did a search on principle and fixed them…clearly my principal problem is that I have no principles when it comes to the principal/principle principle.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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