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[quote=xenofixus;57][quote=Korwin;55]Want to post my theory of the possibility of an Wizard doing an ascending/transformation into an 6+ Demon on himself.
Once it’s known that Demons are made out of human souls.[/quote]

Would this be possible? I thought it was described in part as the lack of knowledge of the true ‘soul’ as being part of the reason why the demon is created in the first place. If a wizard tried summoning themselves they would know they are themselves and thus nothing would happen. I am sure Tizzy could speak more on this but that is how I figured. Another example of something similar is how they were able to bind Tom without even using his real name, not because it is his real name but because they completely believe it is his real name and (at the time) had more power than him. A large portion of the magic in the universe seems to be based on conviction rather than fact.[/quote]

The Wizards (now) know that they are binding an Demon.
Later they would know that they are creating an Demon from an (often human) soul.

As to the name, (as far as I understood it) they do know his true name. They simply wrote is wrong.
The follow up question is: Has it an literate Demon easier than an iliterate? The iliterate beliving that those scibbles are his real name…