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Yes!!!!! I’m really very very interested in their reactions. It seems that none of them can do what Tom did.

Also, come to think of it, what Tom did is incredibly scary. He was actually able to turn Rod members against each other! The scenario: thousand of soldiers are out to kill Big Evil Tom but instead they find themselves fighting their fellow soldiers that are demon possesed! They actually end up fighting each other!

And of course, it is not only Exador, Ramses and Bess who would know. It think there was that archdemon Trump and a few dozen other archdemons. And of course there are the demon princes, they would take notice too.

The biggest might be Tiernon himself. I wonder if Tiernon might actually descend from heaven, so to speak, to confront Tom and his thieving ways. Or make friends?

And also there is the Oorstemoth recording the fight in a crystal ball. I’m sure they would recognize Tom’s flame form as the same flaming creature that attact their ship. I wonder what they would think of that?