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Well that’s pretty a bad job on the art in that case o:)

The scene is inside the tent in Exador’s camp when Jenn and Gastrope’ were tied up and Rupert summoned Tom.

So the girl is Jenn, the boy is Rupert, the guy that’s tied up is Gastrope’ and he’s wearing a turban. There are better pictures of him and his unusual clothes on the site.

On the preview…you should be able to see something like 50+ pages. I really haven’t checked to be honest, I know KLL/KU people can read the first 100 pages before it’s counted as checked out. On Goodreads I have a manually created preview.

The problem with the Amazon store is that I have no control over what they show/don’t show and the size of the preview. I just upload the file and they do what they want with it.

Maybe a preview edition on this site might be an idea. But again, I’m not sure how many people know this site exists, since Amazon does like to keep traffic internal to itself when people are shopping.