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Hmmm OK, looked into the first and second Lillith. The first encounter we don’t see live, only Antefalken reflecting on their night.
He had come specifically to gather information on what was happening with the intrigues and the various “demon” plots in Astlan (and for some romance)

There is a presumption in the second meeting that he’d talked to her about the Type IV demon etc. It’s more of a clarity thing, however a good point…

Yes, Tom should have had that reaction, given the depth we see of all his other reactions…but it’s a bit more complex as Antefalken points out at one point when he is wondering himself why Tom is in the cave. Antefalken’s assumption is that it was typical of Boggy/Tizzy since they are loners and neither are huge for the city. Both are entrepreneurs and travel around the Abyss and aren’t that crazy about them.

Also as Antefalken alludes to, if you are a Type IV on the outside, people in the city are going to assume you are a Greater demon and treat you accordingly, so sending a 16 year old to the “big city” when he looks like a Greater Demon would be tossing him into the deep end, since everyone would start playing politics. Antefalken comes to the conclusion that Boggy/Tizzy understood this and wanted Tom to get settled in first.

Probably not spelled out well enough.

On the shape shifting of the eyes…I can see where you would get that idea. However, in my mind he’s not actually changing the appearance of his eyes so much as how they work. So in my mind, his eyes didn’t change much, they didn’t get slitted or anything, he basically just adjusted is rods/cones, sort of like changing between his ability to see in the dark.

Demon vision/wizard vision/Seer’s Sight/elven sight/etc are all pretty similar. It’s more of a magical ability than a physical characteristic. But I see where the language doesn’t make that clear. But he’s really doing the same sort of thing that Maelen does when he looks at Tom in a weird way.

These are great things to note. I’ll probably be setting up a beta reader list for people to volunteer for beta reading Book II to catch this sort of thing…