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I am old, and I can testify as to luck. Helps a lot.

I can’t tell you the name of the oldest demon in the book as she would certainly cook my privates over a hydrogen flame…let’s just say, she had this epic romance and then break up when her husband cheated on her with this ‘(rib) bone headed’ other woman.

The demon princes(es) are clearly the oldest demons, and generally power and age go together.

if you look at the timeline, you can see Exador is probably a few thousand at least. Ramses is over a thousand as well, and he didn’t just pop up that way….

This Bess person I’ve never met, so no idea how old she is.

Boggy is some 400+ years…he says exactly (or at least how long he’s been a demon)

Antefalken is a lot older than he looks. Check out the timeline for some ideas…plus Antefalken’s Reack on the map is named after him…really long, really old story…

Otherwise, I sort of have trouble remembering. I don’t think anyone is over a billion years old though…vast majority are several hundred to several thousand

Cthulu is really old, but I think he’s technically a god, as are his poker buddies, like that guy who gets really pissed when you mention his name, no, not that piss ant snake nosed Voldemort…who isn’t even a demon…just a necromancer…and not THE NECROMANCER (the one that had the rings made) who I have mentioned before…he’s really old too…but again…not sure if he counts as a demon…