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Yes, the fist/nail thing is a problem that I didn’t think of in the first round. I thought about it later, but didn’t actually remember to deal with. In hindsight, him simply noting the issue the first time he tried to do it, and his work around probably would have solved this inconsistency.

His most effective physical strikes are the open hand strikes which are every bit as extra devastating as a not-completely closed fist strike would be.

He can make an approximation of a fist, he just can’t fully close it due to the long nails. Obviously it’s not going to be as solid as a full closed fist, but in my mind, if not clear in explanation, a lot of the power of those fist strikes was from the aura of what he considers is is Qi, Chi, or spirit fist. They later manifest as energy blasts as he learns to project his Chi.

I have to be honest, haven’t tried to work the site in mobile. Will test it. The support framework in theory has mobile friendly versions but I haven’t worked on it much.