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Well, very hard substances are very important in industrial applications. Polishing, drilling, cutting, grinding, etc. A patch of demon hide would protect you better from bullets than Kevlar, not to mention lighter too! The industrial and military application of the demon hide is astounding! Imagine the possibilities! If humans could unlock the secrets of demon hides, it would be a revolution!

LOL! I can be creepy if I want too. Well, it is kinda strange that the topic change from interior decoration to skinning demons. Discussions move in mysterious ways. At least it is still related to killing demons which these is all about.

Joking aside. I think there was these coaches that is pulled by some sort of creature in the Abyss. Are there other living things there aside from demons there? Or are these creatures demons themselves that are just bound in servitude. And there was a mention of excrement. Do demons poop?