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Well, sorry about me, I just can’t get these descripancies in the Abyss out of my mind and it is all to one thing: Temperature.

Most of our technology is so sensitive to temperature. Read the box of your mobile phones and it will show you its range of operating temperature. Buy medicines and in the box it tells you the temperature it must be stored. Buy a clothing and the tag will tell you at what temperature it should be ironed with.

For example, lets take the escallators, one thing that make them work is GREASE. However, at high temperatures, grease fails to become grease and acts more like oil. Oil as lubricant in machinery isn’t really going to work. That should have make any escallators (or almost any such mechanical devices) to malfunction.

Its quite simple really, most materials just behave differently at different temperatures. Most of our devices are designed to work at ‘normal’ temperatures. If Demons just steal these technology without major modifications, and if the Abyss is as hellish as it is described, many would not function at all.