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Thanks! That’s all wonderful to know and to have cleared up. Lol. I was wondering about that in the first book. I read a lot of fantasy books and I was hoping for what your answers were. I think some of it was hinted at and some just makes sense.

From the explanations about animus and how demons are formed I inferred, (with my common sense of all things fantasy) that they are probably injured when first formed, which could take time to heal or be a permanent injury, I figured that the gods energy would heal that injury, and/or do something else since it’s super refined mana with some type of focus/aspect/property (I assume) of this gods realm. And since it healed what would have been a permanent injury to his animus that would have been fatal, well, I just figured that the mana that healed Tom might do more than just heal that injury.

Lol. I really like this system.

I’m really looking forward to when the other demons find out Tom is only a couple weeks old! Lol