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OK…let’s see, the poor woman:

1) Lost her first husband in a giant ball of fire at a physics lab a decade ago
2) Her second husband dumped her and moved to California
3) Her son is the first known death from a pot overdose

And now you want her to know that her son is damned for all Eternity as a demon?

You’ve been hanging out with Exador and Ramses too much my friend…you’ve certainly got their sense of humor! o:)

You’d fit in pretty well here in the Abyss. I can guarantee you that! Maybe you and me could go terrorize some humans together.

Heh heh.

Anyway, i can’t tell you if he gets back home, cause if you knew that you wouldn’t buy any more books, since you’d know the ending!

Plus, I’m not omniscient, I’m just a run of the mill octopodal demon!

Besides, I haven’t told the author yet what happens, and he’s sold his soul to me in exchange for Earthly publishing rights.