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I will take your word that I have M4D skills…but I don’t think I do. I assume you mean Mad 4 Destruction??? I need to look more into what you are talking about to speak coherently.

Actually the maps are done in Campaign Cartographer which is a vector based cartography program designed for traditional RPGs etc. It does the maps as vectors and then you basically export it to an image at a particular resolution.

The maps were started a long time ago with their base fantasy set at the time. Newer versions have cooler icons, but I didn’t have time to figure out how to translate all of them to newer stuff/redo.

So anyway, the true original images are vector diagrams. I can generate a giant jpg at any resolution if you can do something with them…or you if you had a way of dealing with the vector images or something it exports to, I have no problem giving that out.