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I suppose it depends on what you mean by anarchic.

Oorstemoth provides a fairly plebian/democractic sort of hell. Meaning, the crap you have to put up with is pretty similar regardless of your social rank, class, wealth, power. The bureaucracy effects everyone one fairly evenly.

In the Abyss, I wouldn’t call things that stable. There are a lot of stalemates though. Lots of Mutual Assured Destruction. Paranoia, and the strong really take the vast majority of the cake, so to speak. It sucks to not be powerful in the Abyss.

However, to be powerful requires constant vigilance and paranoia because there is always someone out there waiting to take you out if you slip up even a hair. So I guess that’s not truly paranoia…

One of the reasons Boggy and I recommend newbies hang out in caves is so they can get their bearings before being thrust into full demon on demon politics and machinations. Personally, I have no patience for the crazy games these demons in the courts play.