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That’s my goal. There are a number of factors that aren’t particularly tied to the writing of the story.

Issues like editing/consistency (the longer the arc goes on, the more consistency editing there is) and where to put the next break point.

The break point is a function of both the story (where does it make sense) and ebook economics. Many people prefer shorter/cheaper/faster books to the classic “tome” The question is, does it work for the story? That was a huge issue for book 1, how/where to break the story.

Yes, I know it’s very cliff hangeresque…but at least where it breaks, it presents a “breather,” a punctuation point. This is snowball type story, it’s very hard to put a “break” or a “brake” on a fast moving snowball.

The other factor is how much time does promoting the current book take and what does my “day job” look like timewise.

I think the ARC and beta reader ideas are actually pretty good ideas. That can help a lot. Objective readers who haven’t lost sight of the story due to all the letters on the page. At some point in the editing process, my mind went numb.

So I think I will definitely due something along that line.