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[quote=Rosver;1084]That seems to confirm that demons and gods are just the same. It just that they hide in the front of the Good.[/quote]

I disagree. It is not only the PR but also the organization. Demons are very feudal. You don’t owe any loyalties to anyone except your lord, if even that. You don’t dare cross a prince or anything, but you don’t feel a purpose. The demon culture is to value strength and enriching yourself with no higher ideals.

Gods on the other hand seem to have a very central organization. Think of the Catholic Church. They have a formal chain of command and a mission. It is the job of those who are lower to serve the cause for the greater glory of their God. Gods also appear to get mana from their subjects which help them maintain overwhelming power over most in their organization.

To put it another way. Exador and Ramses both have a strong power base with many demons who would fight for them. If Ramses decides to declare war on Exador, his demons would follow him into battle. Likely out of fear of Ramses.

If an Archangel A decided to wage war on Archangel B, those who follow A would think he had lost his mind. No one would follow him because the god is the one who appointed B and any grievance should be filed with said god.

Obviously, such things would not be perfect and if infighting does break out, it would make a god look extremely weak, and given that if is the god providing them their mana, it would likely result in immediate defeat (not necessarily immediate death, gods can be cruel).