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I don’t personally believe that the god’s created anything. I have no idea what they are so I will throw out a new theory passed on your comment. Planes of men have all five elements with the element of man at its core. Therefore God’s could be Elementals of men. As sentient beings we have some influence over them as the element of man seems to be primarily composed of animus, conscience/sentience (higher conscience), spirit/soul(not sure if same or seperate). A god’s like it when people feel a single strong emotion as they recieve more mana this way. The element of man draws mana as do the gods and higher conscience beings refine mana. This would mean that the plane would form first and the gods shortly thereafter. They would have influence on the early world, but they would only happen to have been formed first.

I believe based on what was said in story that elemental exist, but people understand the element of man the least. If the gods were elementals of man, then it would stand to reason, as they would be the pinnacle of sentience, that they would try to keep those under their dominion from recognizing this. Man elementals must exist as do other elementals, but their are no true elemental plane of man. The closest to a plane of man would be the spiritual planes, thus each elemental would try to shape its own territory to expand their influence.

This however leads us with a small dilemma. If these elementals create these territories, they must have come from another place. THey would also likely have some clue to their origin in their territory to connect them with their origins as it were as elementals are most comfortable in their original domain. Simply put they come from the River Styx. It is in all spirtual planes and serves the purpose of transporting a person’s soul, and thus their animus to them. This is something purely of the element of man traveling without mana, so it must mean the the river is purely composed of the element of man. Nobody knows what the river truly is, but they know it isn’t water. The abyss could then serve as its mouth and the various elementals could then form various branches to this river.

The Styx would follow the properties of gathering attracting mana and other elements, and would explain why these location are so mysterious and why it is so hard to find these places. Not sure how Concordenax fits into things though. Regardless elementals of man will be intelligent, will likely be able to use magic, and will likely be a step above the other elementals in terms of power. They will likely range from highly rational, to highly emotional, or both. Regardless if Man elementals are the gods it should be that much of a shock.