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@ Maou:

Are you trying to insult me with that last sentence? It seems like you want me dead.

Well, I think you are not trying to, but a lot of information from body language and sound patterns doesn’t really translate in text. What you communicate might not be what you want to say.

Well, for the rest of the message. Well, it seems too convenient a spell. It can essentially render almost any living soul harmless. It is very much like the ‘render beautiful image’ button in 3D CG or instant big muscles tablet or unbeatable god like hero (like Superman) in stories. Aren’t there time delay needed to cast the spell? Aren’t there some form of weakness in the caster when casting the spell? Don’t it take too much energy?

Not to mention, there should also be some counter spells for it. It is quite unbelievable for people not to desire and create spells against it especially to a spell that dangerous.

Also why is it so easy to snatch souls from the body? Wizards seems to be having trouble binding Thomas, then why can necromancers do it with a snap of the fingers?