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So what other branches of animastery is Tom likely to learn? He’s experimented with some things he’s viewed as useful. Also some Mystic Martial Arts thats been briefly experimented with but just a fist projection so far and no body strengthening or enhancement.](*,)

Will he also learn other forms of magic?

Wizardry takes awhile to learn and he doesn’t seem to have any desire to study it in the present beyond how he can break it.#-o
Bardic wizardry? probably not:-({|=
Conjuring: without protection which makes it much simpler=d>
Necromancy? know idea, could help him better grasp how demons are formed and acquire knowledge about himself as this is what occurs to demons, but without religious connotations other than it being wrong to drag souls back to the world of the living and forcing them to be subservient to you is bad. But it is would detail how demons are made.:-k

Divine magic, just no.o:)

Druidic? He can already see the energy around plants and animals, which are scared of him, but draining the life force out of the surroundings for energy sounds both extremely demonic and pragmatic.
Also Animistic druidic magic sounds like something an animage could both learn, manipulate, and appreciate.:d/

These are all just theories but animistic druicic magic, more animagic masteries, and mystic martial arts seem like the most probable things for Tom to learn in the near future. Necromancy seem like something demonic and could possibly allow a demon to further understand how their body works and possibly how to modify it.

I am pro-soul-altering transformations that lead to incomparable pain and increased power. As true strength can only be obtained after hardship, pain, or suffering. It brings out the best in all of us.
I also think of tom as a balor at most times.