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I haven’t really made a hand for this model. I find it more easier to model the hands separately then attach it later. I also haven’t made the tail because I still lacked geometry at the back. I have made a tail in my first attempt as the model was dense at that time but I messed up. The front tail… I was planning on not modeling it (like many other models) but might have been bad.

This figure is about 8 heads tall. And I’m talking about proportion not height. Cute anime characters are shorter, say about 4 to 5 heads tall. That is, their body is as tall as 4 to 5 times the height of their head. Chibi character are about 2 to 3 heads tall. Hello Kitty for example is two heads tall. Regular dude, 6 to 6 1/2 Ideal heroic proportion is about 7 1/2heads tall. Many comic super heroes is 8 heads tall. Some monster are 9 to 10 heads tall or even taller. The Hulk is one of the character that is often made over 8 heads tall nowdays.

So for Tom, I opt for 8 heads tall. That is a comic super hero proportion. I planned on making his head smaller puting him to the extremely exagerated proportion but gues not. Dont want to make his head bigger though because that would make him look move regular dude.

As you are not commenting on the wings, guess I get it right?

As for the modeling package, I’m using Blender. It is free and quite good in basic polygonal modeling.