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Scientific Method and science, don’t confuse the two?

You do know that doesn’t make any sense to me? Science is defined by the Scientific Method. Period. If a field of study doesn’t use the scientific method, it’s not science, by definition. In fact, those “sciences” that get hand wavy with the scientific method are called the ‘soft science” in particular because they are soft on the use of the scientific method. Hard Sciences are hard because they apply the Scientific method rigorously. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and most of their sub disciplines. Most psychology and social sciences as well as archaeology are considered soft, typically because there are too many unknowns to rigorously apply the scientific method, so they get as close as they can.

There is no such thing as science fact. There is empirical evidence, which is by definition measurable and repeatedly measurable under the same conditions, but that is not a fact.

One of the [i][b]very few[/b][/i] things that T-A-G told me that made any sense (from him) was the following:

[quote]When I was in grad school for lo those many years, we had a saying:

You go to college and you study really hard.
Once you are done studying and you feel you know everything, they give you a Bachelor’s degree.
You then study some more, do some more digging,
When you realize that “Maybe I don’t know everything.” They give you a Master’s degree.
You then work your butt off pursuing what you realized you didn’t understand when you got your Master’s degree.
When you finally realize that you know absolutely nothing…then they give you a Ph.D.

Also, I know a lot about my anatomy, other demons have different anatomies. I have made a concerted effort to study the anatomies of willing female demons, but unfortunately, that is not very many. Like Freud I have a very limited sample set.

The non-quoted content on this site are excerpts from books in the Council Library. If those books are correct, then the information is correct. Things like the Aetos have wings and live in the mountains is generally factualy, although I suppose there might be one or two to be found in a city on the plains.

Writing on the Calendar and Astrology, that’s generally accepted fact that someone has written, there isn’t much disagreement on this.

But when it comes to speculating on the number demon princes, archdemons, the concordenax, or how the various planes interact? Those documents are by sages that have been studying and thinking about it. But there isn’t a huge body of empirical evidence to back this stuff up.

So anyway, stuff in the Library is stuff Maelen/Tom found in the Council Library etc Maybe they aren’t the best books, or there are newer or better ones out there somewhere else.

Stuff that I say, is stuff that I say, it’s what I know to be true based upon my experiences, and while I have never EVER been wrong about ANYTHING, I am only demon, and it is theoretically possible that I may at some point in the far distant future say something that is “technically” inaccurate.