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[quote=Jonnyboi;1020]So are you saying that Talarius wasn’t suppose to cheat? Does Tiernon actually even care? I mean Tom was a demon and i’m thinking the good acts of love don’t apply to them in Tiernon’s book. [/quote]

From what I read in between the lines, Tiernon would not care. Exador pointed out Talarius was the most infused champion he had seen and some of Talarius’ acts and mindset don’t mash very well with those Greyhawk paladins Tizzy mentioned (unless they serve St. Cuthbert that is).

I am merely arguing on what mortal observers would likely conclude based on my limited experience with mortals on this planet called Earth. It is just that most humans on this world tend to stick to their illusions of comfort, at times suicidal so. Demons stealing power from your deity seems to make your god look rather weak, while gods using demons to punish their followers seems to be all in line with many religions. Then again, Astlan deities are not infallable and omnipotent, and as such a demon doing something wicked, like stealing the power of your deity, is probably a lot more comfortable than having your fundamental believes on what is good and right be shaked at its foundations* 😉

* Even if the god apparently only got angry when you surrender and stab somebody in the back which might be seen as the deity being angry at the fact that you surrendered to Evil in the first place…. Mmmm… religion is complicated 😉