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First off, I find some of this is difficult (in a good way) because the ‘facts’ you’ve posted about demons and magic are written by humans – wizards/animages etc. That means (at least this is how I’ve interpreted it) that while all the ‘facts’ make sense, they’re not necessarily true.

Animus and mana seem to have a symbiotic relationship that is important to mana wielders. Do all mana wielders (aka people who don’t radiate their excess mana but instead store it) grow animus with age?

“stealing pure God Mana….well this is completely unknown and is the subject of a LOT of freak out on the part of everyone.” Is Ramses, Bess, Exador and others also aware of exactly how and what Tom did?

P.S. Are we ever going to figure out where Tizzy stores his pipe? :p