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Scienctific method… we are talking about Science! Don’t confuse the two! And don’t confuse it with science theries and science facts either.

Yeah, I’m quite unnerved.


No they are not!

What we are talkin here is book 1. Book 2 doesn’t exist yet. It might not even get published! The author can’t change his mind from what he writen in book 1. Look at the many comic books out there. Thier constant change of mind, create a mess that even the fans can’t make sense of.

Research “continuity snarl.”

[quote]What if he wrote himself in an corner in book 2, should he not be allowed to change anything in book 2, because of an forum post?

Of course he can. I think, there is nothing in my post that tells that he can’t. Where did you get this?

@The Author Guy:

So… Tizzy doesn’t know much about Demon anatomy? Or where those cars, elevators, escalators (and probably TV, computers, and gasoline) in The Abyss came from. He seems to be sure. Is he not necessarily lying or is he really lying?

You must understand. I’m a person of knowledge. I love gathering them. It is really a discomfort to me that what is presented as fact is really not.