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[quote=Maou;435]This question is more about social status, demons have a hierarchy and they have slavery in the abyss. They will often fight each other for little reason, so why don’t demons ever just go to Astlan abduct a few somewhat attractive mortals and breed them to be their eternal slaves? They hate them to begin with and it gives them a group with a social standing below a rank 1. It sounds like something they would all agree to so why hasn’t it ever happened?[/quote]

not just that.. the thing is, from my point of view, why does wizards in Astlan still exist?, it was “easy” for a 4th demon to “transport” 2 peoples and 1 demon out of the abyss and tizz could kill his master “cuz he wasn’t bound by the summon orders, or something like that”, even if he couldn’t another demon could him “a favor” or something, cuz we’ll…demons usually help demons if they can.
so… a wizzard only can summon “his” demmon if it’s in the abyss, and he can’t controll it if he don’t know where it is. There are few hundreds of 4ts and hundred or so of 5th.. (without counting the 6th cuz, well, i don’t know what/how they think)
why then, they don’t go to Astlan and kill everything in sight?, rape womans, eat childrens, dunno whatever funny thing they could think? some could think that immortality is enough time to plan this.