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It would be amusing if Ramses were to restart his line as he could make himself the near spitting image of his portraits and use the abilities of a time warrior. It is interesting to watch the demons, as they seem to be the ones who innovate a new branch of magic, teach it to the mortals, and then go on to take some of the fruits of their labor as they only share a portion of what they know and will steal the mortal’s knowledge to further their own ends. Haven’t seen what Bess can do, but seeing as Demons rarely share all of what they know it will be interesting to watch them and see if they have hidden any branches of magical knowledge from mortals, or possibly concealed an entirely new from of magic such as one which uses animus as the basis of manipulation as opposed to mana. Mana is the most easily manipulated, put animus naturally draws mana, so some form of animus manipulation could be powerful, or I’m describing druids, but since they has as of yet not been explained in detail what I know of them is quite vague.