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Demons could all still be sane. They may have a different perspective due to their longevity and nature, but their decisions still seem to be overly rational. If anything humans would be insane when compared to a demon. Human actions are quite erratic, demons are acknowledged as to being quite rational. Those who are insane by human definitions normally have a broken psyche or warped emotions. Demons are more machine like in nature. They still have emotions, but when compared to a human the fluctuations often seem to be less intense and shorter. An enraged demon will quickly reel in its anger and not blindly charge in. It might attack that which enraged it, but they will do so in a rational manner. Humans in this setting from an object stand point are insane.

Insanity is the state of being seriously mentally ill or madness. It can also be defined as extreme foolishness or irrationality. Rational beings would try reason or understand the reasoning of all other beings. A belief that all members of another sentient race act in one manner is highly irrational. Magic really does make it quite difficult to be entirely rational as ones perception of reality affects it just as much as reality itself. The collective perception of reality by all sentient beings also affects magic to an extent as well. Most demons that still live are highly rational, as are the Oorstemothian, the scary thing is that both groups tend to be frighteningly sane. So sane that to others they appear mad. Their approach to sanity is somewhat different as demons tend to be individuals and the Oorstemothian have somehow developed a way for humans to almost recreate a hive mind.

Emotions are one of the greatest forms of insanity. One who can control their emotions are sane. Demons and Oorstemothian who have impeccable emotional control, as they are driven by logic over these emotions are more sane. Not saying either are completely sane, but it is an interesting thought.