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Yes, definitely.

Although I would say a majority of them are from Astlan like worlds, meaning the laws of magic are the same or similar. or at least this is true of the ones that are in the Courts and the vicinity. The Abyss is technically infinite, so who knows who or what is on the far side of the plane.

This also all ties out to the fact that those are the only worlds Astlanian’s themselves can easily get to via the Astral plane. Worlds too far removed from them are too “skewed” if you will for them to enter with their magic.

that being said, The Abyss and people from the Abyss (meaning demons) are not so limited.

For quite a number of planes, the Abyss appears to function more like a normal plane. As far as we can tell. There is regular trade with the Denubian worlds for example. The Denubians have no exact belief system that corresponds to demonology. Actually, they don’t really have much in what we would call belief systems, or at least they never talk about religion. The seem to be Atheists, but it’s really hard to say. They are pretty closed mouthed across all their mouths on such issues.

For Earth, or rather, the Earths, the connection seems to be very very similar to Astlan, in that those on an Earth that know of the Abyss, consider it pretty much the same way the Astlanian’s do. However, this is complicated by the fact that the Earths are relatively mana poor and getting back and forth between them is very difficult.

In practice, this is where the Incubae and Succubae become handy. If a demon lord can get enough children on an Earth like world, they can potentially open up portals to let their parent through.

For other worlds that have different rules of magic for example, we can and they can, get there, but a lot of them have belief systems such that rather than the abyss, their equivalent to demons live in an outer plane controlled by some dark god or similar.