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One thing that comes up in a few of the Amazon reviews is that people who say they really liked the book also say they were hesitant to purchase it or had some reservations.

I am curious about this.

Obviously I completely get the not interested, or doesn’t sound interesting to me thing. There are lots of books that don’t sound that interesting to me.

But for people who are tempted, because it sounds like it’s the sort of thing they normally like but are “hesitant” for some reason, I’m interested in the reason why?

In particular for those that get the book and really like it, but had reservations at first. I see this as a “marketing” issue.

If you were hesitant, meaning “I should like this but…I don’t know…” and something was holding you back, what was it? I’d like to know if it is correctable. I’m a huge reader, so the story part, I think I get, but I’m a crappy salesman so marketing I don’t get.

Obviously feel free to elaborate in a message.