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Very interesting theories in the last few posts…

I am going to stay far away from you guys though…you seem to be holding blue lightning rods and just begging to get hit.

Particularly when you say the gods are “elementals” if that’s not a vaporizing event, then I don’t know what is.

I remember the Anilords very well, they were extremely high powered animages, Ramses and Exador were demons from the start posing as animages, many of the others were definitely human, at least early on. The lines got very blurry and I soon stopped worrying about who was what, I was more concerned with who was going to do me harm.

For some odd reason, many of the anilords disliked me. Since they were a bad bunch, really pretty Evil; I assume they hated me because I’m so virtuous, helpful and good.

The one that hated me most was this Necromancer (oddly enough, necromancers predate wizards–go figure–I guess they were using animagic to do necromancy.) Really nasty Necromancer, he had all these plots and kept trying to convince the Alvar to make him rings for some reason. Fortunately, the Alvaran lords were “smart” enough to see through his various disguises and never made any of the rings he wanted

He had pretended that he wanted them made to help the various races and had this plan for 3 for the Alvar, seven for the Modgriensofarthgonosefren, and nine for humans. Oddly, he didn’t want one for himself…which to me would have spelled altruism but anyway, I think the Alvar really were just pissed they were only going to get 3.

Sure, after the fact, when the Necromancer was finally sent packing and expelled from Astlan permanently by the first wizards, the Alvar claimed they saw through him all along, but I’m not sure.