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You do realize that if he admits to knowing this, he could be accused of Necromancy which is a capital offense!

Thankfully, most actual Necromancers have prepared self-reanimation spells for just such a situation and will come back to life as a Lich and hunt down and torment those that killed them.


Of course, most professional Necromancer hunters, etc. Like Talarius, realize this and so burn the accused at the stake.

But then, most experienced Necromancers know this, so they have prepared for this using an especially enchanted piece of valuable jewelry that they’ve given someone, so that when they die, they can possess the body of that person and take over and hunt down and torment those who killed them.

Now naturally, true professionals, again like Talarius, realize this so they then proceed to hunt down and kill all the friends and family of a suspected Necromancer….

Of course, I hate to mention this, but…the greatest Necromancers realize this so, instead of giving the jewelry to someone they know or care for they often leave it in a dungeon in a treasure chest for some unwitting Adventurer to find. They often glamour the item or otherwise enchant it to look like some other type of magic item, so the person who finds it will want to put it on, and thus become possessed by the dead necromancer’s spirit.

So, because of this, Talarius and the Rod often send out specialized expedition to raid tombs and dungeons that they suspect necromancers may have visited.

And so on.

Now you can hopefully see why Talarius was glad to get to fighting demons which are pretty simple by comparison.