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Thanks for the quick response. I understand all the points you brought up, and thanks for sharing the process from your side.

Thought I might add something to the description part. After getting into the book I did wonder about the description some. Only thing I see thats wrong with it is that there is such a small piece of the story taking place with the party, while it takes up such a large part of the description. I was thinking that maybe if there was a prologue, taking place from say a day in advance or so to set out his home life, friends, reason he went to the party, ect. more cohesively it might help with the transition from description to storyline. This would make the little bits that come out later, friends names, step-dad, moms reaction, ect. a little less jarring. It would also give readers a little bit more of an impression of Tom pre-demon, making his struggles and transitions a little easier to comprehend/empathize with.

just my two cents.