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I suspect that Anilords, Demons and Gods are all a lot more similar than we believe.

Anilords were dreadful beings according to history but no one knows why. I kinda feel like Ramses the Anilord who is an archdemon isn’t too far out of Tom’s league. Tom is just considered a powerful “Animage” though to other humans… so my guess is the reason Anilords were so feared was because they were extremely hard to keep dead once you killed them (which would happen if they were no longer anchored to a corporeal body).

I suspect that Anilords are humans (or similar) who have “shed” their corporeal anchor and are essentially demons, except they didn’t need a wizard to bind them (aka turning them into demons), they were able to do it themselves.

Demons can be any individual, mostly made from “mundane” humans (large amount of class I’s), who have been “helped” along in the process of disconnecting their corporeal anchor and creating a mana body by a more powerful individual, usually a group. The groups and victims belief of what a demon looks like constructs their form. An Anilord believes he looks human or w/e species he was, so his corporeal body wouldn’t change like with a demon.

Gods are Anilords/Demons who have found a higher level through a combination of their own power and the influx of mana and belief from worshipers.

Then again the story goes that gods came first and created the universes, elves, dwarves etc. I’m not so sure to be honest though. If a gods power comes from worshipers, how did they create all the planes and universes which obviously had to be created before they created the first races of man (which is their power base). Me thinks the gods we see today aren’t as old as we make them out to be. :-” Maybe there is/was a [u]G[/u]od and then there are the [u]g[/u]ods. Maybe there are just [u]g[/u]ods and the different races of men as well as the different planes and universes evolved on their own.