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Actually, it’s all Hail Tisdale!

Seeing as how I’m the demon in charge of this forum and website.

You do know is not a satanic dating site? However, I do know a number of demons and demonesses looking for lust. Although it can be quite painful if you displease them in bed.

Also, not sure which satan you are hailing as satan is a word that means “adversary” and there are a great many satans running around in the Abyss. And BTW, none of them are named “Lucifer.” Lucifer is then name of the morning star, a.k.a. Venus in “Earth” plane of man.

So some of the biggies are: Azazel, Asmodeus, Sammael, Lilith, Ahriman, Balan, Baliel, and Molloch.
Of them, Asmodeus, Sammael and Lilith are mentioned or actively involved in the first book.