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So is their a state more anarchic than the abyss that seems to function, but that seems to be on the exact opposite end of the governmental spectrum from Oorstemoth and is still recognized as a state. I know this is highly unlikely, but does a place of greater anarchy than the abyss exist.

Quite frankly the abyss is quite organized and most fights are small scale or political as the demons seem to not fight directly as those who chose to do so have likely been weeded out by natural selection, unless they were really strong. Immortal hard to kill enemies who can pester you for eternity are very annoying and dangerous. Again this leads to demons trying to destroy each others connections, credibility, and assets. Tom is severely lacking in all of these and is thus a wild card.

I seem to have been sidetracked. Let’s get some more life and discussions about different interpretations and answers to what I have stated above.