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[quote]How exactly do you define science, if not through the use of the scientific method?.[/quote]

Just a little google would came up with a lot of difinitions of science and non of them pin it to scientific method. In fact the body of science has existed before scientific method is developed (around 17th century). Aristotle, Galileo, Copernicus, and other wellknown people of science exist long before that.

Of course you can’t disqualify such things as the three states of mater (solid, liquid, gas), organic and inorganic, properties of metal, and other scientific stuff which have been known and understood since prehistory which enable them to create such things as the pyramids, clocks, firecrackers, medicine, clothing and other stuff.

Scientific method have been a break through, a revolutionary development in science but never for once think scientific method need to exist for science to be born.

[quote]The scientific method is a method for studying observable phenomenon, measuring, quantifying, developing theories, testing theories with predictions and comparing results of future measurements to predicted measurements and then revising the theory[/quote]

You define scientific method but again we are discusing science not scientific method. Please stop pulling this straw man at me.

And my point about scientific facts is… this is not what we are arguing. What your point about it can be debated but since I had made no stance about it, I can just choose to agree with you and be done with it. I really have no interest in following this red herring.