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Sorry I didn’t mean you personally I meant it in the context of other soul entities. Their is a slight delay, but in Astlanian terms it would be some body who can manipulate souls, like a necromancer takes soul A, which would likely have little to no defense.

Soul A is normally prepared in advance, but it is the component soul if you would. Soul B is likely guarded or the target of the attack. Soul A will then be placed near soul B and will then be forcibly inserted. The two souls will then meld so that they will mix briefly between the two bodies before being pulled into the body of soul B. This process happens both ways. The process is also very painful and takes little time once started. If soul B seeks a new host it will still draw in soul A. It effectively forces a soul entity like a lich to choose eternal insanity or to move on. If soul B quickly moves on soul A will just go into a coma for quite some time due to foreign soul and missing soul bits, it recovers, but it is unpleasant.

It takes some prior preparation for the spell, but the two souls to be merged don’t need to be selected till execution, soul entities are just chosen as the conductor as they could flee to the phylactery and resist or flee the pull with enough preparation or will. A non soul entity would have no defense at all and would be under the complete sway of the spell. Few people have real defenses against soul magic and this could be simplified to telling one soul its positive and the other is negative. If both entities were powerful they would likely be damaged but would survive after a long recovery time, but in most occasions they would both be destroyed as they were fused together. It is a crude and effective skill for decimating souls, and the more powerful the soul the worse the effects. At least from one of the mythos I read, but liches were the only thing that had them on hand as it took time to prepare, it took skill to prepare, and they used it on each other.

I’m not the best at in depth explanations of all subject. Due to my lack of knowledge of all things.