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Please note WHO you are talking to!!!!!

I am not comic RELIEF!! I’m a super scary mean demon!!!

And I’m a hero! Tom wouldn’t be getting anything done or Kicking Knight Butt without my assistance and guidance!

–Hmmm, KKB: Kicking Knight Butt–I think I can use that….

Jenn is very annoying; however she’s so up tight that I love riling her up. If only I could get her to go all pale like Gastrope’

I lied, there will be a demonic gateway going to your bedroom tonight! If you see a ball of fire appear out of thin air, don’t panic–it’s not going to be the fire that’s the problem it’s what comes through it!!

I’m going to come and sit by your bedside and talk at you all night long! You won’t be able to sleep! You will beg for mercy!!!!