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As per Historical Regulation 159-254G:

“Oorstemoth was founded in the Beginning (Year of the Law 0, AC 363) by the Redeemer of the Law, Ponchas the First.

As per Historical Regulation 159-259B:

“While the Fomenters of Chaos initially attempted to deny the truth of the Law, the Law prevailed, as it must (Article 1-12C Subsection 1 of the Law), and the Formenters were repelled from the lands of Oorstemoth.

As per Political Disclosure Regulation 1098-3435G Subsection 94:

“The Keeper of Law is charged with the responsibility for upholding, enforcing and final arbitration of The Law.”

As per Political Disclosure Regulation 1098-2596C Subsection 93:

“The Keeper of the Law resides in The Keeper’s City, formerly (Political Disclosure Regulation 1245-956B) known as Diernon on the continent of Norelon.”

As per Political Disclosure Regulation 345-690A

“No historical information or political Information other than that specifically detailed in Articles 5987-4351 of Regulation 9,803,432 of Political Disclosure may be disclosed to persons not authorized as detailed in Regulation 49-675G of Authorization of Persons”
This map has been approved by the Oorstemothian government for abstract reference purposes only.

This map is not accurate or reliable for territorial negotiation.  The Oorstemothian government advises you to check with your local Oorstemothian agent for detailed border and feature locations.

No liability is assumed by the government of Oorstemoth for any infractions of the Law that may occur to individuals utilizing this map.  Misinformation is not justification for breaking the Law.

Oorstemothian map approval code:  8934-A434393-434987-JZ89-46123

Approval delegated by:  Tod’z Deth Arnon, 3rd Order Bureaucrat in the office of external cartography.

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