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[quote=Maou;684]Would it be possible for the same person to be summoned from multiple splinter realities or to have a relative from a splinter reality summoned after one of the branch points. While it is true that you could not visit any reality apart from the main stabilized realities, it could still be possible to summon souls from less stable realities before they collapsed due to a small difference as the loss of one soul in most instances wouldn’t change the grand scheme of things. This could be used to summon more souls than should exist. It might even allow somebody savvy enough to realize they could possibly some multiple variants of their soul to empower themselves giving them more energy as they collapsed in themselves.

Just a theory mind you as two souls that were identical at their creation should be able to merge without incident and would likely have a positive effect. [/quote]

Did you read “Deja Vu Ascendancy”?