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[quote=The Author Guy;1385][quote]I may have used google translator to translate the last two books of a 3 part series from Russian to English because only the first book was published in the US.
OK, now that’s hardcore.

I use GT a lot for short phrases and a few news articles where context isn’t so critical….but a novel? Not so sure.

Actually it’s interesting that there are plenty of “Editing Services” out there for independent authors but there aren’t or I have really found a lot of translation services. My guess is that while an author can easily tell if the editor improved the editing/content of their book, they probably have no idea if it was well translated.


Yes I was able to get the main story by using google translate but I agree it was missing a lot of context. It was also interesting reading a book from a Russian Author. If they ever translate the last two books professionally I would buy them.

I enjoyed those books even if it was a hard read. On the flip side I have bought Ebooks off amazon that I had to stop reading because they are so badly written/story just being so poor. I can ignore a ton of spelling and grammar errors as long as it doesn’t interfere with the story telling.

In regards to translating I guess the author would either have to be bilingual or at least know someone they trusted. A translator really could mess up the story if the author couldn’t even proof read it.

However I am just a reader so I just want things done so I can read it haha.

As far as into the abyss I think it is the only book I have ever read more then once. In fact I have thought about reading it a third time but that might be unhealthy. I should at least wait until right before the release of book two.